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Turkey tests indigenous Hisar-A+ missile from unmanned launch platform

Hisar-A autonomous short range air defense system
Photo: Turkish defense ministry

Turkey has completed a test launch of the locally-developed Hisar-A missile from an autonomous launch system, the country’s defense ministry revealed on May 4.

In the May 3 test at the Aksaray shooting range, the short range air defense missile launched from the autonomous system and successfully hit a high-speed target.

The Hisar-A+ is an upgraded version of Hisar-A developed by Turkish defense industry majors Aselsan and Roketsan. The country’s first autonomous missile system is part of the medium and long-range air defense systems family.

The Hisar systems are operationally used for the protection of military bases, ports, facilities and troops against rotary and fixed wing aircrafts, cruise missiles, air-to-ground missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Hisar-A and and the medium range Hisar-O have a modular structure as part of their family concept, and are designed to be compatible with different platforms, fire control and command control infrastructures.

The modular design of the autonomous Hisar-A comprises search radar and an identification friend or foe system. It has infrared sensors and a laser range finder along with a bi-pulsed air defense missile with imaging infra-red (IIR) seeker.

Hisar-A can detect threats at ranges of 25 kilometers and engage them at 15 kilometers. The autonomous launcher carries four missiles at a time.