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F-16 Misawa

US F-16 fighter jet takes down armed Turkish drone over Syria

The Pentagon announced on Thursday that the United States downed an armed Turkish drone in close proximity to its troops in Syria,...

Saudi Arabia procures Turkish drones

Saudi Arabia has entered into an agreement with Turkish company Baykar to purchase Turkish drones, with the accord encompassing collaboration in technology...
Turkey's F-16 upgrade moves forward

US clears F-16 upgrade tech for Turkey after Finland joins NATO

The US State Department has approved the potential sale of technology equipment to Turkey for the upgrade of its current fleet of...

Turkey commissions unmanned aircraft carrier TCG Anadolu

The largest naval vessel and flagship of the Turkish Navy, the TCG Anadolu amphibious assault ship, entered service on April 10, 2023.
Kizilelma in flight

Turkey’s Kizilelma unmanned fighter hits first flight milestone

Baykar's much-touted fighter-like unmanned aerial system Kizilelma has performed its first real flight, a bit earlier than initially planned by the company.

First helicopters land on Turkey’s new helicopter carrier Anadolu

A little over six years after construction started on Turkey's helicopter carrier Anadolu (L-400), first helicopters landed on the ship's flight deck...

Turkey hosts NATO drill Dynamic Mariner in the Med

The NATO-led naval maneuver Dynamic Mariner 22 kicked off from the Turkish Navy's Aksaz naval base on September 11.

Turkey begins work on small 500-ton STM500 submarine prototype

Turkish defense technology company STM has begun work on the STM500 small submarine prototype which will be suitable for both open sea...
Turkey's final Airbus A400M delivered in March 2022

Turkish Air Force receives final A400M airlifter

The Turkish Air Force has taken delivery of its tenth and final A400M airlifter from Airbus. MSN118 was officially...
PAF T-129 attack helicopter

Turkey delivers first T-129 ATAK helicopters to the Philippines

The Philippine Air Force has welcomed its first two T-129 ATAK helicopters, becoming the first foreign operator of the Turkish-built attack helicopter.

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