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Turkish Air Force receives final A400M airlifter

Turkey's final Airbus A400M delivered in March 2022
Photo: OCCAR

The Turkish Air Force has taken delivery of its tenth and final A400M airlifter from Airbus.

MSN118 was officially handed over on March 29, seven years after the first A400M was delivered to the country.

Turkey is one of six participating countries in the A400M project, alongside Germany, Belgium, France, England and Spain.

The A400M has the capability to fly distances up to 4,800 nm/8,900 km, at a cruising altitude up to 37,000 ft/11,300 m, and at a speed of up to Mach 0.72, very similar to that of a turbofan powered airlifter. It can even fly up to 40,000 ft/12,200 m for special operations. The A400M can carry up to 116 fully equipped paratroopers or 37 tons of payload, with additional capability as an air-to-air refuel aircraft.

As a member country, Turkey’s defense industry is contributing to the development and manufacture of the airframes. In November last year, Turkish Aerospace Industries announced it had built and integrated a directional infrared countermeasure system (DIRCM) for the A400M. Additionally, TAI produces several of the main structural components of the A400M and will deliver parts for 176 A400Ms currently on order.

Turkey’s final A400M is also the first batch 7 aircraft, which means that its technical configuration is the final standard to be manufactured at the final assembly line in Seville.

What is more, the final A400M delivered to Turkey is also the first of a total of nine airframes that are expected to be delivered in 2022.