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Fire causes explosions in Serbian munition depot

Sloboda fire outbreak
Serbian defense ministry Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters extinguishing the fire at the Sloboda facility

A fire outbreak caused a series of explosions at the Sloboda weapons facility in Cacak, central Serbia, in the early morning hours of June 4.

Firefighters and the country’s armed forces are currently working on bringing the fire under control.

All workers, as well as residents in the vicinity of the factory, were evacuated, with no injuries reported.

Speaking to reporters, the country’s defense minister stated that there had been no artillery ammunition in the depot, as initial reports said, but certain fuse components.

The company “Sloboda” said the explosions occurred in a warehouse with the fuses components and “ammunition of smaller caliber.”

Serbia’s defense minister said he was expecting the fire to be completely put out over the weekend, and that the factory, which employs more than 2,000 people, would be able to resume work next week.

Sloboda manufactures different munitions ranging from the Bofors 40 millimeter munition, to 125 and 155 mm rounds for tanks and howitzers.