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Slovenia confirms purchase of additional 37 JLTVs from the US

Slovenian JLTV with integrated armament station M153 Kongsberg
Photo: Slovenian defense ministry

Unveiling the first 38 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV), which arrived in the country last month, the Slovenian defense ministry confirmed it would purchase another 37 units this year.

The first batch of vehicles arrived at the Port of Koper on May 11, after they were ordered in November 2018 under a EUR 26.7 million contract.

Slovenian JLTVs are armed with the M153 Kongsberg integrated weapon station.

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Brigadier General Roman Urbanč, said the vehicles were part of the equipment needed to build the capacity targets to which the Republic of Slovenia was committed.

“The vehicles provide the Slovenian Army with greater protection and better mobility. After the installation of dedicated weapons systems, there is also the possibility of operating in conditions of reduced visibility and higher firepower,” Brigadier General Urbanč added.

“JLTV 4×4 light wheeled armored vehicles are our latest acquisition. We will use them to replace worn-out Humvees that do not meet the latest standards of ballistic and mine protection,” Slovenian defense minister Matej Tonin said.

“LKOV 4×4 will ensure the tactical, operational and strategic mobility of the Slovenian Armed Forces. This year we will order another 37 vehicles.”

“In accordance with the Act on the Provision of Funds for Investments in the Slovenian Armed Forces, we will allocate EUR 100 million for investments this year. With this law, we have reached stable and predictable financial resources,” minister Tonin concluded.