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Indonesia picks Fincantieri to build 6 FREMM frigates for its navy

FREMM for Indonesia
Italian Navy file photo of a FREMM frigate

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri announced it has signed an agreement with the Indonesian defense ministry for the delivery of six FREMM frigates, as well as the modernization and sale of two former Italian Navy Maestrale-class frigates.

Fincantieri’s announcement follows Indonesia’s shortlisting of four proposals for a successor for the Indonesian Navy’s Martadinata-class frigates (SIGMA 10514).

Earlier this year, the country’s defense ministry said the proposals included an improved variant of the SIGMA 10514 design from Damen, the new 30FFM class Japanese shipbuilder Mitsui is currently building for the Japanese Navy, the Arrowhead 140 proposal from Babcock, and the FREMM offer.

“This order represents a success for Fincantieri and for the country, which has a fleet of 10 FREMM multifunction ships. The agreement is also extremely important with a view to strengthening collaboration between two countries in a strategic area of ​​the Pacific,” Fincantieri said in an announcement.

The Italian shipbuilder will play the role of prime contractor for the entire program, with portions of work to be carried by Indonesian company PT-PAL.

It should be noted that the construction of new FREMM ships will take place in Italy, as well as the modernization of the two Maestrale-class units, which Fincantieri will acquire from the Italian Navy once they are decommissioned. The Italian Navy currently has four of the frigates still in service, built in 1983 and 1985.

“This program has an extraordinary strategic importance, both for the economic return for our country and for the Italian defense chain, and because it ensures Fincantieri a strong positioning in the area, paving the way for the finalization of further important negotiations for other programs under discussion also in the civil sector,” Giuseppe Bono, Fincantieri CEO, commented.

Fincantieri to support design phase of new South Korean CVX aircraft carrier

On the same day of the announcement of its success in Indonesia, Fincantieri also disclosed the signing a contract with South korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) to support the conceptual design of the new class of aircraft carrier “CVX” for the Republic of Korea Navy.

South Korea’s CVX program foresees the tender for the basic design starting from the second half of 2021, while the detailed design and construction will start in the following years.

Fincantieri said it would provide DSME with advice based on the experience gained with the construction of the LHD (Landing Helicopter Dock) “Trieste”, which will be delivered next year to the Italian Navy.