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Indonesia takes delivery of two Bell 505 basic trainer helicopters

US-based rotorcraft manufacturer Bell Textron says it has completed the sale and delivery of two Bell 505 helicopters to the Indonesian Navy....

Australia strengthens ties with Indonesia in final event of Indo-Pacific Endeavour

Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Anzac trained with two Indonesian Navy ships earlier this month during exercise New Horizon, a key biennial...

International submarine search and rescue drill wraps up in Australia

The Royal Australian Navy has completed its annual submarine search and rescue exercise together with international participants from Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Babcock in first Arrowhead 140 frigate export success with design license...

UK defense company Babcock says it has secured the first export contract for its Arrowhead 140 frigate, selling a design license to...

Indonesia launches futuristic trimaran warship Golok-688

The Republic of Indonesia Navy launched a one of a kind trimaran warship in a ceremony on August 21.

Indonesia picks Fincantieri to build 6 FREMM frigates for its navy

Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri announced it has signed an agreement with the Indonesian defense ministry for the delivery of six FREMM frigates, as...

Debris found in search for missing Indonesian submarine Nanggala

Officials have ruled out an explosion as the possible cause of the sinking, meaning that the submarine likely experienced a technical malfunction.

US, Australia join search for missing Indonesian sub as effort turns...

Time is running out as officials estimate the oxygen supply on KRI Nanggala would last until 3:00 am on Saturday, local time.

Indonesian submarine KRI Nanggala goes missing during torpedo firing drill

The Indonesian Navy Type 209/1300 submarine KRI Nanggala has reportedly gone missing during a torpedo firing exercise in North Bali.

Indonesia takes delivery of first indigenously built submarine KRI Alugoro

The Indonesian Navy received the first locally-assembled Nagapasa-class submarine KRI Alugoro (405) from state-owned shipbuilder PT PAL in a ceremony on March...

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