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Germany’s TKMS receives €5.5B deal for six Type 212CD subs for Norway, Germany

Type 212CD contract signing
Photo: TKMS

German shipbuilder thyssenkrupp Marine Systems has received an official contract worth 5.5 billion Euro (approx. $6.5B) for the construction of six identical Type 212CD submarines for the navies of Norway and Germany.

The procurement organizations of Norway and Germany signed the corresponding contracts on July 8.

“The 212CD order is a major milestone. The Norwegian and German navies are getting the most modern submarines in the world, international and industrial teamwork will permanently shape cooperation in the maritime sector, and we have created capacity utilization for our company,” TKMS CEO Dr. Rolf Wirtz said.

Germany is buying two Type 212 CD (common design) subs to augment its existing six Type 212 AIP subs, while the Norwegian Navy is buying four units to replace its six ageing Ula-class submarines. The Ula-class boats were commissioned between 1989 and 1992 and are set to bow out of service in the mid-2020s.

Norway is expected to receive its first submarine in 2029, with construction starting in 2023. The two German submarines are scheduled for deliveries in 2032 and 2034.

In addition to submarine cooperation, Germany and Norway have also entered into a partnership on naval missiles, which will see Norway’s Kongsberg deliver its Naval Strike Missile (NSM) Block 1A to the German Navy. NSM will replace the Harpoon and be fielded on the German Navy’s F124, F125 and F126 frigates.

The Type 212CD is an evolutionary design to the Type 212A boats in service in Germany and Italy. Instead of joining Norway and Germany, Italy is going its own way for its next-generation submarine under a program dubbed U212 NFS (Near Future Submarines).

For the Type 212CD, the design of the Type 212A submarine will be further developed with the integration of advanced technologies to expand the U212 family in Europe, TKMS said without providing to many details. What is certain is that the new boats, with a length of 73 meters, will be seven meters longer than their predecessors. The larger displacement is expected to allow for the installation of additional fuel cells for more range.

The Type 212CD will displace 2,500 tons and have a beam of 10 meters.

Final 209/1400mod class submarine delivery to Egypt

In another submarine milestones in the same week, TKMS handed over the fourth and final 209/1400mod class submarine, named “S44”, to the Navy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

“The handover of the fourth and last HDW Class 209/1400mod submarine in the project means, that our Egyptian colleagues will return home. We wish them all the best for the future and hope to welcome them back at our shipyard for further projects soon,” Rolf Wirtz commented.

Photo: TKMS

The contract for the delivery of the first two 209/1400 mod class submarines to the Arab Republic of Egypt was signed in 2011. In 2015, Egypt decided to take the option for two additional units. The first submarine was handed over in December 2016, the second in August 2017 and the third in April 2020. All four submarines will enhance Egypt’s defense capabilities and combat efficiency, achieve maritime security, and protect Egyptian coasts as well as the economic interests between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

S44 was handed over after being named and launched in Kiel in September 2020.