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United States donates additional 21 Humvees to Bosnia

Humvees for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo: US Embassy Sarajevo

The United States transferred an additional 21 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (Humvees) to the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a ceremony in Sarajevo on July 19.

The latest donation brought the total number of Humvees in Bosnian inventory to 79.

The US embassy in Sarajevo said the country received 58 HMMWVs since 2017, adding that the vehicles represent the significant and growing level of Bosnian partnership with NATO.

Among the 21 Humvees donated on Monday, 12 are troop transport variants, while nine are ambulance variants.

“The United Sates as our strategic partner definitely helps in our key goal of carrying a reform program for our armed forces,” the country’s defense minister Sifet Podžić said during the hand-over ceremony. “We are fully committed to achieving full interoperability with NATO in all aspects, including the organizational, structural, doctrinal as well as equipment aspects,” he added.

According to the Bosnian defense ministry, the US is expected to deliver another seven Humvees, which would bring the total number of vehicles in the Bosnian armed forces to 86. The entire donation has a value of $14,3 million.