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Senate confirms Carlos Del Toro as 78th Secretary of the US Navy

USS Bulkeley
Del Toro served as the first commanding officer of guided missile destroyer USS Bulkeley. US Navy file photo

The US Senate confirmed on Saturday the nomination of Carlos Del Toro as the 78th Secretary of the Navy.

As a US Naval Academy graduate, Del Toro served in the navy for 22 years, during which he became the first commanding officer of the guided-missile destroyer Bulkeley. After his retirement, Del Toro founded a program management firm focusing on government clients.

As a Cuban-born American, Del Toro is the second Hispanic American to lead the department. The first Hispanic leader of the department was Eduardo Hidalgo, who served in the role from 1979 to 1981.

“Carlos Del Toro’s lifelong pursuits and deep experience advancing America’s national security make him well-prepared to serve as the 78th Secretary of the Navy,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said.

“He understands firsthand the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing our Navy, from addressing the pacing challenge of China and modernizing our capabilities, to investing in our most valuable asset – our people. As an immigrant who has dedicated his life to public service, Carlos exemplifies the core values of honor, courage, and commitment in defense of our country.

We remain the preeminent force in the world because of leaders like Carlos, and I have no doubt our Navy and our nation will be well served. I congratulate him on his confirmation, look forward to working with him and take pleasure in welcoming him back aboard.”

During his confirmation hearing in July, Del Toro expressed support for plans to maintain a 355-ship Navy but noted that additional resources would be required to achieve that goal. He also pointed to climate change and China as the two preeminent threats the service will be facing in the years ahead.