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KMW hands over first Leguan bridge layer to Norway

Noregian Army Leguan bridge layer
Photo: KMW

German defense vehicle manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has handed over the first of of six Leguan bridge layers to the Norwegian defense procurement agency.

KMW is delivering the six systems based on the chassis of a Leopard 2 tank under a contract from March 2019.

The company noted that the delivery of the systems is beginning ahead of the contractually guaranteed date, despite the pandemic disruptions.

In addition to the bridge laying systems, KMW will also be supplying training simulators and a peripheral package.

The Leguan is capable of transporting and laying one bridge in the military load class MLC80 (about 72 tons) with a length of 26 meters, or alternatively two bridges with a length of 14 meters each, all under combat conditions.

Norway is one of nine nations to have the systems on order, 19 different countries in total use the Leguan on a variety of mobility platforms.