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Norway donates 50 cargo carriers to Ukraine

Photo: Norwegian Armed Forces

The Norwegian government announced the donation of approximately 50 tracked cargo carriers to Ukraine on September 19.

A month after announcing the intention to send F-16 combat aircraft to Ukraine, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram revealed that Norway would also be donating M548 carriers (designated NM199 in the Norwegian version) to Ukraine.

The official announcement confirms that these vehicles, previously stored within the Norwegian Armed Forces, are currently undergoing maintenance. Their replacement is slated as part of pre-existing planned projects.

The tracked vehicle possesses the capability to navigate through terrain that is otherwise inaccessible to wheeled vehicles. As a result, they serve as a complement to wheeled trucks for transporting supplies. These cargo carriers are equipped to ferry ammunition, food, and water to Ukrainian troops.

Norway has previously donated a wide range of capacities to Ukraine, such as NASAMS ground-based air defense systems and main battle tanks. In 2022, Norway provided $993 million in support to Ukraine and other countries affected by Russia’s invasion.

The new political agreement on a multi-year support program for Ukraine will extend from 2023 to 2027 and will be valued at approx. $7 billion, distributed over five years, equating to approximately $ 1.4 billion per year.

“Ukraine still has a strong need for military support in the fight against the Russian invasion forces. Norway will continue to support Ukraine as long as needed,” said the defense minister.