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After Niger, US donates C-130 aircraft to Jordan

US Donates C-130 to Jordan
Photo: Jordan Armed Forces

The United States transferred two of three C-130 transport aircraft to Jordan in a ceremony organized by the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF), US Air Force, and the US Embassy in Jordan on December 8.

The transfer took place a day after two C-130H Hercules were handed over to the Nigerien Armed Forces in Niamey.

Jordan has received two of the C-130 aircraft since September, with the third scheduled for delivery in January.

The transfer of these mission-ready aircraft comes as part of a US Congressional mandate to cap the size of the USAF C-130 fleet.  The C-130 ramp-to-ramp (R2R) transfer program is the first USAF program to transfer fully active and functional assets to key security partners around the world.  R2R delivered its first aircraft in April 2021, and to date has delivered eight of a projected thirty aircraft globally. 

“This donation of advanced aircraft represents the commitment of the United States to build strong capabilities of our Jordanian partners to respond immediately to any situation, whether it is a natural disaster, humanitarian crisis, or operational mission,” US ambassador Henry T. Wooster noted in his remarks.

The transfer of the USAF C-130 aircraft boosts RJAF fixed wing tactical airlift capability by nearly 50 percent and saves RJAF approximately $30 million in equipment renovation costs, the US embassy said. 

The three aircraft have received recent equipment updates and upgraded interoperable avionics and are being integrated now into the RJAF fleet. RJAF has been flying C-130s for over 50 years as a key component of its transport fleet. The C-130 fleet supports the Jordanian Armed Forces through airdropping equipment, paratroopers, and cargo, but also non-military roles including support for disaster relief, humanitarian missions, and medical evacuation missions. 

Last year, within days of the tragic explosion in Beirut, Jordanian C-130s were in the air delivering essential supplies to assist the Lebanese people. The RJAF Airlift Wing often deploy C-130s and Jordanian troops in support of UN and coalition operations in Africa and other regions.

In follow up to the C-130 transfer, the USAF Mobile Training Team will provide basic and advanced training of Jordanian aircrew and maintenance crews.