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Airbus delivers H225 helicopters to Thailand, Ukraine

Royal Thai Air Force H225M
Royal Thai Air Force photo of one of the four newly-delivered H225M helicopters

Thailand and Ukraine have taken delivery of additional H225 and H225M helicopters from two separate Airbus entities in handover ceremonies taking place earlier this month.

Airbus Helicopters Romania delivered five refurbished H225 helicopters to Ukraine’s ministry of internal affairs in a ceremony at its Romanian headquarters in Gimbab.

The delivery is part of a contract from 2018 that will see Ukraine receive 55 aircraft. These will include 21 repurposed H225s, 10 brand new H145s, and 24 H125s, all aimed for search and rescue (SAR), emergency medical, and other public service missions.

The 11-ton-category twin-turbine H225 is the SAR solution of choice for the Japan Coast Guard, the Spanish Coast Guard and the Argentine Coast Guard.

Before delivering the refurbished H225s, Airbus performs key inspections for return to service and incorporates special equipment such as electro-optical systems, searchlights, Bambi buckets and EMS equipment.

In addition to Ukraine, Airbus delivered the final four of overall 12 H225M helicopters to the Royal Thai Air Force. Airbus first delivered the H225M to Thailand in 2015 and secured the order for the final four units in 2018.

Specially equipped with emergency flotation gear, fast roping, cargo sling, search light and electro-optical systems, the helicopters will enhance the Royal Thai Air Force’s combat search and rescue capabilities, in addition to supporting search and rescue flights and troop transport operations.

This contract from 2018 also covers on-site technical support and continuing airworthiness management organization services, supported by Airbus’ Thailand team.

Airbus completed the December deliveries after previously handing over the first H225M helicopter in naval combat configuration to the Brazilian Navy. The company is on contract to deliver 50 H225Ms for Brazil’s three armed forces.