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Brazilian Air Force, Embraer settle KC-390 dispute with 22-unit buy

Brazilian C-390
Photo: Brazilian Air Force

Brazilian aerospace and defense company Embraer says it has reached an agreement with the Brazilian Air Force to reduce the number of KC-390 airlifters on order to 22.

The company announcement comes after the Brazilian Air Force revealed plans in November last year to cut the original order to just 15 airframes, citing budgetary concerns.

The original contract from 2014 called for Embraer to deliver 28 units under a $1.38 billion contract. Following the announcement on the order reduction, Embraer threatened legal action against the air force.

Announcing the reached agreement, Embraer said the new production rates are aligned with the Brazilian Air Force’s budget conditions while allowing Embraer long-term planning with its suppliers.

Deliveries of the 22 airframes are scheduled until 2034.

The C-390 Millennium was developed as a joint project between the Brazilian Air Force and Embraer. The aircraft, which has also received orders in Portugal and Hungary, can perform a variety of military and civilian missions, including humanitarian missions, medical evacuation, search and rescue, aerial firefighting, cargo and troop transport, aerial delivery and aerial refueling

Equipped with two International Aero Engines V2500 turbofan engines, a rear ramp and a cargo handling system, the C-390 Millennium is capable of carrying up to 26 metric tons of cargo at a maximum speed of 470 knots (870 km/h), with ability to operate in austere environments, including from unpaved or damaged runways. The aircraft can carry troops, pallets, armored wheeled vehicles and helicopters.