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C-390 Millennium airlifter

Brazil receives fourth C-390 Millennium airlifter

The Brazilian Air Force has taken delivery of its fourth C-390 Millennium multi-mission medium airlifter from Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer.
KC-390 for Hungary

Hungary places order for two KC-390 airlifters

The Hungarian government has signed a contract with Brazil's Embraer for the purchase of two KC-390 Millennium aircraft. The...
Brazilian Air Force C-390 Millenium

Brazilian Air Force receives third C-390 Millenium airlifter

The aircraft will join the air force's First Troop Transport Group (1st GGT).
C-390 Millenium medium airlifter

Boeing backs out of $4.2b Embraer deal

Embraer said it would pursue all remedies against Boeing for the damages incurred as a result of Boeing's "wrongful termination and violation of the MTA."
C-390 Millennium

Embraer, Boeing set up joint venture to market rebranded C-390 Millennium...

US aerospace and defense company Boeing and its Brazilian counterpart Embraer have announced the establishment of a joint venture to promote and...
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