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Australian Army getting new training simulators

PMTT training simulator
Illustration. Photo: AVS

The Australian Army is set to receive the next evolution of military computer simulation training software under an A$17.6 million contract awarded to Applied Virtual Simulation.

The contract will see the tender-winner provide Army’s common simulation software under Land Simulation Core 2.0 Tranche 1.

“This contract represents a part of broader defense investment in simulation for training and other purposes through multiple programs and projects,” assistant defense minister Andrew Hastie said.

“Soldiers and commanders will now have access to common simulation software through various platforms to train in realistic and relevant settings, contributing to Army’s future ready posture.”

“The new software will be rolled out across Army’s land simulation network over the next two years and includes military vehicle and weapon platforms,” assistant minister Hastie said.

The simulation training features high-quality data and models and behaviors specifically developed for the Australian Army.

Tranche 2 of the project will deliver an expanded land simulation network to allow Army to virtually connect its geographically-dispersed capabilities and training locations.

The government’s investment in simulation training capabilities over the next decade will also encompass various armored vehicle simulation systems under Land 400.