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DroneShield to deliver RfOne MKII counter-UAS sensors for Australian Army evaluation

RfOne MKII long-range sensors will support the Australian Army's future counter-drone requirements and options assessment.

Australia’s Hawkei vehicle reaches initial operational capability

The Australian defense ministry declared initial operational capability for the vehicle after resolving braking issues identified in 2020.

Australian Army welcomes first two of four new CH-47F Chinooks

The two Chinooks arrived in Australia on July 7 just three months after the purchase was approved by the US State Department.

US clears $3.5B sale of Apache helicopters to Australia

In January this year, Australia selected the Apache over the AH-1Z Viper to replace the Tiger helicopters currently in service from 2025.

Australia releases tender for new compact sniper rifle

The Australian Army plans to order first samples from shortlisted bidders in September this year and complete testing by September 2022.

Australian Army receives first batch of Boxer CRVs

The delivery of the first 25 Boxer 8x8 CRVs was announced by the Australian defense minister during a visit to Rheinmetall’s facility in Redbank Queensland.

Australia’s amphibious vehicle replacement program attracts first bidders

Australia is investing A$800 million in the purchase of new amphibious vehicles and landing craft under Project LAND 8710 (Phase 1).

Australian Army’s new Boxer vehicles debut in first major exercise

The Boxers are taking part in exercise Diamond Walk after Australian Army soldiers first started training on the new vehicles in October 2020.

Australia puts Black Hawk helicopter fleet up for sale

The Australian defense ministry is planning to offer up to 27 Black Hawk helicopters for sale as it prepares to retire the...

Australia receives all IFV prototypes ahead of 2022 procurement decision

Hanwha and Rheinmetall have each delivered three prototype vehicles as part of the Australian Army's LAND 400 Phase 3 program.
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