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Nexter, HDS team up to offer Philoctete for Hellenic Army’s IFV modernization

Philoctete IFV offer for Greek Army
Nexter first unveiled the Philoctete in 2021

French armored vehicle specialist Nexter has entered into a strategic partnership with Hellenic Defense Systems (HDS) to offer the Philoctete vehicle for the Greek infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) modernization program.

Named after the mythological Trojan War hero, Philoctete is basically a VBCI MkII in its infantry combat vehicle version.

The solution offered to the Hellenic Army is a 32-ton 8×8 equipped with a T40 turret. The modular vehicle, which can be outfitted to serve as a troop transport, 120mm mortar, medical, or a command post and recovery vehicle, is capable of transporting a payload of 13 tons.

VBCI has been in service with the French army since 2010.

The T40 remotely operated turret that is offered with the vehicle is equipped with the 40mm CTA cannon as well as an MBDA medium-range missile launcher (MMP). The 40 CTA, which already arms the turret of the French army’s EBRC JAGUAR, and fires various telescoped 40mm ammunition.

“Nexter and HDS, a state-owned company specializing in the design, development and production of weapon, missile and ammunition systems, offer a combat system that meets the highest standards of performance, quality, and whose success will benefit Greek industry. This partnership fully participates in the dynamics of strengthening the Franco-Greek relationship in the field of defense,” the company said in a release.