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Norway supplies 100 Mistral surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine

Mistral SAm on a Norwegian Navy vessel
Photo: Norwegian defense ministry

The Norwegian defense ministry has transferred Mistral surface-to-air missile systems to Ukraine for its defense against the Russian invasion.

Around 100 missiles, as well as an unspecified number of launchers, have been provided. The systems can be used as MANPADs or fitted to vehicles.

In Norwegian service, the French-designed air defense system is used by the Royal Norwegian Navy on minesweepers and corvettes, which is currently searching for a successor solution.

While the missile is going to be phased out of Norwegian service, the defense ministry noted it is still a “modern and effective weapon that will be of great use to Ukraine.”

“The conflict could draw out in time, and Ukraine is dependent on international support to withstand Russian aggression. The Norwegian government has therefore decided to donate Mistral air defense systems to Ukraine,” Norwegian defense minister Bjørn Arild Gram commented.

“The system will be of great benefit to Ukraine,” he added.

Mistral systems are the latest Norwegian contribution to Ukraine’s defense. The Scandinavian country previously provided 4,000 M72 light anti-armor weapons, as well as helmets and flak jackets to Ukraine.

The Norwegian defense ministry said the Mistrals have already been shipped to Ukraine.