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Royal Thai Navy corvette sinks in Gulf of Thailand

Thailand corvette sinks
Photo: Royal Thai Navy

The Royal Thai Navy corvette HTMS Sukhothai sank on Sunday in the Gulf of Thailand in what were described as stormy sea conditions.

The ship is said to have lost power in both engines after sea water entered an exhaust pipe and shut down the ship’s electrical system.

Despite best efforts, the crew was not able to prevent the ship from sinking, the Royal Thai Navy said.

Several RTN ships were dispatched to help HTMS Sukhothai, including frigate HTMS Bhumibol Adulyadej and HTMS Kraburi as well as the landing platform dock HTMS Angthong

In the latest statement, the service said 75 out of the 106 sailors on board the former US-built Ratanakosin-class corvette had been rescued. Search and rescue operations for the remaining 31 sailors are still ongoing.