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Finland orders more locally-made Sisu GTP armored vehicles

Sisu GTP 4x4
Photo: Sisu

The Finish defense ministry has approved the purchase of additional Sisu GTP 4×4 multipurpose armored vehicles for the armed forces.

Worth around 19 million euros, the contract will see Oy Sisu Auto Ab deliver 25 additional vehicles to the Finish Army.

The contract follows the initial 2020 award for 6 vehicles, which allowed Oy Sisu Auto Ab to begin serial production. The company delivered two different armored vehicle configurations, a five-seater general purpose vehicle and a ten-seater armored personnel carrier vehicle, as part of the contract.

The Sisu GTP is a modular vehicle with congruent backbones and interchangeable mission module-type body structures.

During the initial project, pre-serial vehicles were tested by various troops, and user feedback was collected, and implemented as features in the delivered vehicles. Sisu delivered the first batch in 2021.