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Slovakia closes deal to buy 76 AMV XP combat vehicles from...

The defense ministries of Slovakia and Finland have signed an official contract for Slovakia's purchase of 76 Patria 8x8 AMV XP combat...

Russian MiG-31s suspected of violating Finnish airspace

The Finnish defense ministry said it believes two Russian Air Force MiG-31 fighter jets violated Finnish airspace in the Gulf of Finland...
RAF Typhoons in Finland and Sweden

UK deploys F-35Bs, Typhoons to Finland, Sweden for joint drills

Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 and F-35B Lightning jets spent the past month in Finland, while Typhoon FGR4 jets flew to Sweden,...

Germany joining Baltic CAVS armored vehicle project

Germany has signed a statement of intent to join the Finnish-led program to develop the next-generation of armored vehicles dubbed the "Common...

US, European navies start rehearsals for major BALTOPS maneuver

The annual maritime-led joint Baltic Operations (BALTOPS 22) exercise, which will involve 14 NATO allies, two partner nations Sweden and Finland, more...

Saab clinches another combat training system contract

Swedish defense technology company Saab has secured another contract for the delivery of its simulation technology for combat training.

Finland becomes first extended range GMLRS rocket customer

The Finnish defense ministry has approved the purchase of Extended Range Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System (ER GMLRS) munition, becoming the first...
F-35A demo

Finland signs contract for 64 F-35A fighters

The Finnish defense ministry has signed the official letter of offer and acceptance for the purchase of 64 fifth-generation F-35A stealth fighter...

Finland signs on for new snipers, marksman rifles

The Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command is poised to sign a contract with local rifle specialist Sako Oy for the procurement of...
Lockheed wins Finland's fighter jet competition with the F-35

Finland confirms F-35 as its next generation fighter

The Finnish government has confirmed its choice of the F-35 Lightning II as the successor to its Hornet fleet.

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