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Finland completes XA-180 armored personnel vehicle upgrade

Finnish Army Pasi vehicle upgrade
Photo: Patria

The Finnish Army completed the mid-life upgrade upgrade program for its fleet of XA-180 armored personnel vehicles as it received the final unit from Patria this month.

The agreement for the upgrade of the armored personnel carriers was signed by Patria and the Finnish defense forces in 2013.

During the project, all XA-series vehicles have been modernized and aligned. The implemented modifications included new electrical systems and communications equipment, as well as an updated crew space with improved seating solutions. Also key components, such as engines, power transmission and axles, were inspected and repaired, or replaced if necessary.

“The XA-series’ also known as “Pasi” vehicles, modernization project has been an important project for Patria and the lifecycle of the vehicles has been secured until the 2040s. By then, the mobility performance of XA-180 vehicles is meant to be replaced by the new Patria 6×6 vehicles,” commented Patria’s Finland Division’s Army Business Area leader Tommi Svensk.

According to the Finnish Army, a total of 204 XA-180s have been modernized for an estimated 51 million euros.

Designed with ease of operation and maintenance in mind, the Pasi has been in service with the Finnish armed forces since the 1980s. The vehicle fleet also has fully amphibious variants, including the XA-180 and XA-185.

Pasi will eventually be replaced by the Patria 6×6 AFV, which will be developed as part of Finnish-led common armored vehicle system (CAWS) program. The program began in 2019 as a multinational cooperation between Finland, Latvia and Estonia.

Sweden joined the program in 2021, and in the same year, Latvia placed an order for the first batch of more than 200 personnel carrier armored vehicles (APC), with the delivery of first units set for this October. In June this year, Germany also signed a statement of intent to join CAVS as the fifth member country.