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South Korea’s Hanwha buying Polish C2 systems for K239 MRLS

Chunmoo MLRS
Photo: Hanwha Defense

South Korean defense major Hanwha Aerospace has signed a contract with Poland’s WB Group for the delivery of command and control (C2) systems for Polish K239 Chunmoo Multiple Rocket Launch System (MRLS).

The Hanwha said the contract was a major step forward in its effort to strengthen partnership with the Polish defense industry in bids to contribute to the growth of the Polish economy as well as the deterrent capability of the Polish armed forces.

Under the contract, Hanwha Aerospace will purchase WB-built C2 systems including the TOPAZ integrated combat management system, FONET digital communication platform, and radio communication sets for integration into 218 K239 MLRS ordered by Poland in November 2022.

“Today’s contract with WB Group is a key milestone in Hanwha’s unwavering commitment to bringing the maximum benefit to the Polish industry through a robust partnership with local suppliers. We believe the combination of Polish industrial expertise and Hanwha’s technology will generate an incredible level of synergy,” Son Jaeil, president and CEO of Hanwha Aerospace said.

“Based on this contract, we will expand our strategic partnership with WB further through joint marketing campaigns in Eastern Europe.”

The Chunmoo MRLS is a multi-caliber rocket launch system that entered service with the South Korean military in 2015. The precision-guided rocket launcher system is a new generation artillery that can fire 600mm tactical missiles as well as 239mm guided missiles, providing the army with an all-weather, indirect fire capability to hit potential enemy targets and areas.

In the Polish version, the rocket launchers are set to be Polonized, utilizing WB Group’s C2 systems as well as the Jelcz 8×8 truck.