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BAE unveils Australian-developed low-cost Razer guided bomb

Razer guided bomb
Photo: BAE Systems

BAE Systems Australia has revealed a new locally-developed Razer precision guided bomb with which it aims to position itself as a future supplier of low-cost precision guided munitions to Australian and potential export customers.

Razer is an air-launched precision guided munition that is designed to transform a 40-50kg standard non guided munition into a precision air launched weapon at low cost.

The company’s battlespace integrated solutions team has developed Razer as payload for UCAVs and helicopters and is moving through the development process.

The project scope encompasses development, acquisition and testing of software, hardware, mechanical sub-systems and other system elements aspects of this system over the coming months to enable its use in air and maritime environments.

Razer consists of a wing/body kit and tail unit equipped with a powered GPS/INS guidance control and navigation system, aimed at operations from uncrewed combat air vehicles (UCAV) and rotary wing aircraft.

BAE unveiled the guidance kit after presenting the STRIX uncrewed aerial system (UAS) at the Avalon 2023 airshow earlier this week.

“Razer can meet urgent local and overseas demand for low cost sovereign munition solutions that could be deployed from the air. It could deliver a powerful and affordable battlefield strike capability for users globally,” BAE Systems Australia CEO Ben Hudson said.

The company believes the market potential of the kit to be broad, with potential users including Australia, US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and others.

BAE Systems says that there is significant gap between inexpensive, short-range, land-based weapons of this caliber and the expensive, long-range, air-launched weapon systems.

“Razer addresses a clear gap in the market for sovereign guided weapons. It will enable our Australian Defence Force ease of access to world-class munitions right here in Australia,” Hudson said.

“The company is working with the Commonwealth of Australia’s Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise on a number of levels, with Razer adding to the our existing sovereign capability,” BAE Systems Australia managing director Andrew Gresham added.