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US faces dual threat from China and Russia, but war not imminent: US official

Photo: US Defense

The US needs to remain the most powerful nation on Earth for peace with China and Russia, despite facing two major nuclear powers that could threaten US national security, Joint Chiefs Chairman Milley said, adding that war is not inevitable or imminent.

Testifying about the Defense Department’s fiscal year 2024 budget request at a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Milley said he believes that maintaining a high state of readiness and modernization will deter aggression and the proposed fiscal year 2024 budget of $842 billion will ensure that the joint force remains the most lethal and capable military in the world.

“There is nothing more expensive than fighting a war. And preparing for war is also very expensive, but fighting a war is the most expensive. Preparing for war will deter that war,” he said.

Milley further discussed the security efforts of the United States and its allies and partners, including the importance of continuing security assistance for Ukraine, given its critical national security interest.

He also pointed out that Iran’s actions have improved its ability to produce nuclear weapons, but the United States military has developed multiple options for national leadership to consider if Iran chooses to produce a nuclear weapon. Additionally, Milley confirmed the United States’ policy commitment to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Lastly, he highlighted North Korea’s continued ballistic missile testing and nuclear weapons development, which pose a threat to the United States and its allies and partners.