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Russian missiles land in Poland killing two civilians, reports

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki assembled an emergency meeting of the Government Committee for National Defence and Defence Affairs after two Russian...

Pentagon says Iranian troops are on the ground in Ukraine

A day after revealing a ballistic-missile submarine in Arabian Sea, the Pentagon said Iranians are helping Russians use their drones in Ukraine.

Ukraine intercepted all Kalibr missiles Russia launched after Crimea bridge attack,...

Ukrainian air defenses have been able to intercept all Kalibr cruise missiles launched by Russia in the aftermath of the attack on...

Bridge connecting Russia with Crimea hit by large explosion

A key bridge connecting Russia with Crimea has been hit by a large explosion that has collapsed a portion of the road...

Russian MiG-31s suspected of violating Finnish airspace

The Finnish defense ministry said it believes two Russian Air Force MiG-31 fighter jets violated Finnish airspace in the Gulf of Finland...

Denmark pledges to send Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

Denmark has promised to send a Harpoon launcher and missiles to Ukraine, US defense secretary Lloyd J. Austin III revealed following a...
Video of TB2 destroying Russian helicopter

Watch the TB2 score its potential first ‘aviation’ kill

A TB2 UCAV has destroyed a Russian transport helicopter on Snake Island.

Video: Ukrainian TB2 UAVs now destroying Russian naval assets

Ukraine's defense ministry has released footage of one of its Turkish-built Bayraktar TB2 armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) destroying two Russian patrol...
Quantix recon drone for Ukraine

Aerovironment donating more than 100 Quantix recon drones to Ukraine

Quantix is the latest in a series of UAS AeroVironment will be delivering to Ukraine.

First photos emerge of Russian cruiser Moskva burning after Ukrainian missile...

First photographs showing the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet flagship, cruiser Moskva, burning after a Ukrainian missile strike have emerged online.

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