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DroneShield Launches Next-Generation DroneGun Mk4

Photo: DroneShield

DroneShield launched DroneGun Mk4, an upgraded anti-drone device intended to combat unauthorized drone activity.

The DroneGun Mk4 is a handheld counter-unmanned aircraft system (cUAS) effector that delivers a compact and swift countermeasure capability. The device maintains the versatility of its predecessor, while boasting improved performance, ingress protection, and serviceability.

The DroneGun Mk4 is effective against a range of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) types and models, capable of disrupting the control, navigation, and video of multiple drones at the same time.

When triggered, the device will typically cause the UAS to descend to the ground or return to its operator controller or starting point. The radio frequency (RF) disruption can also interfere with any live video streaming (FPV) back to the remote controller, thereby halting the collection of video footage and intelligence by the UAS operator.

DroneShield’s cUAS defeat capabilities utilize non-kinetic jamming, and do not employ protocol manipulation or “cyber” tactics due to their limitations. These defeat technologies offer controlled threat management.

Angus Bean, DroneShield Chief technology Officer, said: “DroneGun is an iconic DroneShield brand of products, from the original first-generation unit released in late 2016, to this latest offering. The product line has a deep heritage globally including U.S. DoD and all main western militaries, intelligence community globally and law enforcement customers. This product features break-through technologies such as advanced waveforms to offer unparallel performance for its size and weight.”

The DroneGun Mk4 has increased disruption performance, operates effectively in harsh environments, and features an improved design with an easy-to-use interface, the company added.