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Poland receives first HIMARS launchers from the US

First Polish HIMARS launchers
Photo: Polish defense ministry

The Polish defense ministry has taken delivery of the first batch of Lockheed Martin-built High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) under a contract from 2019.

Delivered by Lockheed in cooperation with the US Army, the initial batch will be in what the Polish defense ministry referred to as the “American configuration.”

A total of 18 launchers and two training systems, along with a stock of GMLRS and ATACMS rocket and training ammunition, as well as command vehicles and technical support vehicles are being delivered as part of the 2019 contract. The agreement also provides logistical, training and technical support.

According to the current delivery schedule, all M142 HIMARS launchers ordered by Poland so far will be delivered by the end of this year and will go to the 16th Mechanized Division.

It is worth noting that Poland is currently also negotiating a mega-deal that would see the country buy up to 500 HIMARS that would include systems in the “American configuration” as well as launcher loader module kits mounted on Polish trucks.

Under the Homar-A program, Lockheed Martin would work with Polish Industry on integrating key components of the HIMARS rocket launcher on a Jelcz 6×6 truck. The negotiations also include discussion around Polish production of munitions.

The US State Department approved the potential sale in February this year, estimating the price tag at around $10 billion.

HIMARS provides immediate capability to deliver long range precision fires at distances up to 300 km.

“The development of industrial partnership under Homar-A initiative marks another major step in our engagement to strengthening Poland’s economic growth and security through partnerships with local industry base. We’re looking forward to jointly create a safer tomorrow for Poland and the entire region,” said Robert Orzyłowski, Lockheed Martin director Poland, Central and East Europe.

In addition to HIMARS, Poland is also buying South Korean K239 Chunmoo multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and will operate them simultaneously with the help of the Topaz combat management system. The country is also applying the US-South Korean combination to tanks, as it is buying both the US-built Abrams and South Korean-built K2 tanks.