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Germany, Czech Republic commit to joint buy of Leopard 2 A8 tanks

Photo: KMW

The Czech Republic has taken a step forward by joining the joint procurement program for the advanced Leopard 2 A8 tanks, following Germanys’ purchase.

The German Ministry of Defense has announced its plan to acquire 18 latest-version Leopard 2 A8 main battle tanks worth over 25 million euros. The version currently in use in the Bundeswehr is the Leopard 2 A7V. 

Further, Germany plans to procure twelve tank howitzers 2000, as well as a simulator for the future sea patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon. Delivery is expected between 2025 and 2026. 

The new order serves as a replacement for the Leopard 2 A6 tanks that were handed over to Ukraine.

Following German procurement, the Czech counterparts showed a keen interest in participating in the joint procurement program for the Leopard 2 tanks, as Bundeswehr announced.

In light of this, the Bundeswehr extended an invitation to other partner nations to participate in joint procurement, enabling economies of scale and cost reduction through larger quantities.

In a continuation of previous announcements, the defense ministries of Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and now the Czech Republic, have confirmed their collaborative efforts in financing the refurbishment of old Leopard 1 A5 tanks, which will subsequently be transferred to Ukraine.

“The Czech Republic’s entry into a German treaty is a big step towards a turning point,” said German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius. “Furthermore, Germany is living up to its role as the leading nation in the tank coalition. That way the gaps can be filled again.”

The Leopard 2 A8 is a main battle tank and represents the most recent upgrade of the renowned German Leopard 2. It is equipped with a Rheinmetalls’ 120 mm/L55 smoothbore gun and incorporates a digital fire control system, improved sensors, and target acquisition capabilities for precise engagements.

The Leopard 2 A8 is equipped with the Trophy active protection system. This system enhances tank protection against anti-tank rockets, missiles, and potentially high-explosive anti-tank shells. Utilizing a fire control radar with four flat-panel antennas, it provides a 360-degree field of view.

The Trophy system rapidly detects incoming threats and calculates the best time and angle to deploy countermeasures, ensuring quick and effective defense.