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Germany procures another 357 military trucks from Rheinmetall

Photo: Rheinmetall

The German Bundeswehr has requested Rheinmetall to supply 367 protected and unprotected logistic vehicles, as an additional order under the framework contract for swap-body systems signed in 2020.

In addition to the vehicles, the order encompasses 1,830 interchangeable load carriers, with a total value of approximately €285 million.

The framework agreement with Rheinmetall, signed in June 2020, paved the way for the purchase of up to 4,000 swap-body vehicles over a period of seven years. To date, over 600 of these vehicles have already been delivered.

These newly acquired swap-body trucks are an addition to the Unprotected Transport Vehicles (UTFs), which expand Bundeswehr’s existing fleet from the military HX family.

The key component of the swap-body system is the hook-loader, developed by Hiab. This feature allows lifting and placing swap-body platforms across various terrains, eliminating the need for additional cargo-handling machinery. Alternatively, the vehicles can transport a swap-body platform or a container using a standardized 20-foot ISO interface, states the manufacturer.

A large share of the swap-body trucks allocated to the Bundeswehr will be equipped with a reinforced cabin, in order to provide the safety and durability of the crew, as well as the adaptability of logistic units and formations on the battlefield.

Swap-body trucks, which are based on Rheinmetall’s durable HX family of vehicles, are primarily utilized to deliver essential resources like ammunition, fuel, and water to combat units.

The delivery of the vehicles to Germany is anticipated to be finalized in the third quarter of 2023.