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Raytheon ELCAN, Leonardo team up for combat sight deliveries to Germany

Raytheon ELCAN, a Raytheon Technologies subsidiary, and Leonardo Germany, a Leonardo SpA subsidiary, were awarded a contract for the delivery of 107,929...

German Leopard tanks complete first live-fire trials with Trophy APS

The German Army has completed first live-fire tests with its Leopard 2 tanks equipped with Israeli-developed Trophy active protection systems.

Germany contracts Rheinmetall for Fox armored NBC vehicle upgrade

The German armed forces have awarded Rheinmetall a contract for the modernization of the Fuchs/Fox armored NBC reconnaissance vehicles.

German Army NH90 helos getting electronic warfare, SatCom upgrades

The upgrades will give the Army's NH90 TTH (tactical transport helicopter) capabilities adapted to current operational requirements.

Rheinmetall presents new increment of “future soldier” concept for German Army

Future Soldier – Expanded System, or IdZ-ES, enables dismounted infantrymen to benefit from an integrated system of systems for operations.

Germany modernizing Puma IFVs to new standard under €1.04B contract

Germany is upgrading its 350 Puma vehicles to the S1 enhanced design status, in preparation for the NATO High Readiness Joint Task Force VJTF 2023.

German Army takes delivery of final Boxer armored vehicle

Germany now has 405 Boxer vehicles, 72 units in the ambulance variant, 65 command vehicles and 256 infantry group vehicles.

Rheinmetall to deliver new Kodiak engineering vehicle to German Army

Rheinmetall will deliver 44 Pionierpanzer 3 Kodiaks to the German Army under a €295 million (approx. $356M) contract.
German Army H145 SAR helicopter

Airbus completes H145 SAR helicopter deliveries to German Army

The German Army has taken delivery of its seventh and final H145 helicopter for search and rescue (SAR) missions.

Germany’s Puma IFV “combat ready” after six years of work

The German Army declared its new Boxer infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to be ready for combat after years of work on rectifying...
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