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German Army takes 120mm tank ammo deal to €4B with latest call-off

Image: Rheinmetall

The German Bundeswehr has expanded to €4 billion an existing framework agreement with Rheinmetall for the supply of tank ammunition, July 13.

Following the recent signing of the framework agreement, the German Armed Forces have the potential to acquire a substantial quantity of 120mm x 570 caliber service and practice ammunition, which is commonly used by tanks such as the Leopard 2 main battle tank, stated the company.

The total value of this ammunition is estimated to be approximately €309 million. Shortly after the contract was finalized, an initial order for ammunition was promptly placed.

The delivery package includes tank ammunition with a non-programmable fuse, as well as another variant that can be programmed for three different ignition modes: detonation on impact with and without time delay, and a timed airburst function. The order also encompasses various types of practice ammunition with reduced range and lower cost, including Ukraine’s tank ammunition requirements.

Just two days ago, the Bundeswehr took another step by signing a contract with a partnership formed by Germany’s Diehl and Norway’s Nammo. This contract focuses on the acquisition of 155mm artillery ammunition.

These new contracts are a direct response to the Bundeswehr’s budget committee approval on July 5, which authorized the procurement of additional ammunition in light of the escalating regional security concerns triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.