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UK and Netherlands make a deal to develop new warships for special forces

HMS Albion
HMS Albion, played host to events around the announcement, which included the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two nations. Photo: Royal Navy

The UK and the Netherlands announced the collaboration for the development of specialized warships aimed at leveraging the formidable strength of their respective Commando Forces.

Signed on the 50th anniversary of the Joint Amphibious Force, the agreement not only involves the development of Multi-Role Support Ships but also includes plans for enhanced cooperation on future amphibious exercises and training.

The announcement was accompanied by a series of events hosted aboard the Royal Navy’s amphibious flagship, HMS Albion, where a new memorandum of understanding was signed.

Building upon the original agreement signed in May 1973, the contract aims to foster closer ties and promote further collaboration between the two navies and marine forces, stated UK MoD.

The upcoming Multi-Role Support Ships of the UK will be specifically designed to operate within amphibious task groups, also known as Littoral Response Groups. These task groups possess the capability to swiftly deploy and respond to crises on a global scale.

“To remain a truly global military, we must procure the right equipment at the right time for our Armed Forces. The future Multi-Role Support Ships will ensure the Royal Marines can continue to deploy overseas fully equipped at short notice,” said UK Minister for Defence Procurement, James Cartlidge.

Recently, both countries announced a partnership with the US and Denmark to deliver high priority air defence equipment to Ukraine, addressing its most urgent air defence requirements as Russia continues its illegal invasion.