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Royal Navy quietly retires Type 23 frigate HMS Monmouth

HMS Monmouth was withdrawn from Royal Navy service without ceremony after being laid up in Devonport since early 2019.

Royal Navy minehunter embarks on Middle East deployment after upgrade

HMS Middleton deployed to the Gulf after becoming the first Hunt-class ship to receive the new ORCA mine-hunting command system.

Only one of Royal Navy’s six Type 45 destroyers currently “ready...

While two more destroyers could be fit for operations soon, the Royal Navy currently has only one available Type 45 destroyer.

US destroyer takes over air-defense command for UK Carrier Strike Group

US Navy guided missile destroyer USS The Sullivans (DDG 68) assumed the role of air defense commander for the Royal Navy's HMS...

Destroyer sidelined from UK Carrier Strike Group deployment due to ‘technical...

The Royal Navy Type 45 air defense destroyer HMS Diamond is no longer underway with the UK Carrier Strike Group after being...
Draken Falcon 20

Collins Aerospace, Draken team up for new air combat training system...

Draken’s Falcon 20 fleet will get the joint secure air combat training system (JSAS) in support of operational readiness training for the UK armed forces.

US, UK flattops meet up in Gulf of Aden

With a combined displacement of 200,000 tons, the three ships that took part can deploy close to 200 aircraft and helicopters.

Royal Navy puts HMS Bristol, its sole Type 82 destroyer, up...

Designed to defend a class of aircraft carriers which were never built, HMS Bristol spent the last 30 years of her life as a moored training ship.

Royal Navy upgrading its Type 45 destroyers with Sea Ceptor missile

The air-defense destroyers are adding the Sea Ceptor missile to their arsenal, in addition to receiving upgrades for the existing Sea Viper missiles.

UK starts construction work on third Type 26 frigate HMS Belfast

The Royal Navy has begun work on its third Type 26 frigate in a steel-cutting ceremony attended by Prince William on June...
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