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Royal Navy completes operational test of Martlet missile

The Royal Navy has successfully tested a new missile system designed to protect the UK’s new aircraft carriers from attacks by swarms...

Royal Navy’s lead Type 26 frigate welcomes first crew members

The first of Royal Navy's next-generation warships has welcomed half a dozen sailors that will breathe life into the ship that is...

AeroVironment details Madfox unmanned boat missile launch milestone

US-based multi-domain robotic systems developed AeroVironment has provided additional details on the recent unmanned systems exercise in Portugal which saw the Royal...

Destroyer HMS Diamond sidelined from UK Carrier Strike Group deployment, again

Royal Navy's Type 45 air defense destroyer HMS Diamond is bound to port once again during the maiden deployment of the Royal...

Royal Navy Madfox unmanned vessel launches missile on NATO drill

The Royal Navy's autonomous unmanned surface vessel (USV) Madfox launched what is likely a Switchblade loitering missile during NATO’s biggest autonomous war...
Super Hornet air to air refueling a UK F-35

UK F-35Bs in buddy-buddy refueling debut with US Super Hornet fighter

F-35B Lightning fighters from the Royal Air Force's 617 Squadron have completed the first-ever air-to-air refueling with a US Navy F/A-18E Super...

Second UK aircraft carrier declared operational after major drill

The UK now has two brand new aircraft carriers ready for operations after HMS Prince of Wales was declared fully operational.

Royal Navy tests carrier-borne drone ops with HMS Prince of Wales

The Royal Navy is exploring the use of crewless technology on the Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers and has launched fixed-wing drones from...

US carrier Ronald Reagan enters South China Sea

USS Ronald Reagan's arrival could provide an opportunity for three-carrier ops in South China Sea with USS Carl Vinson and HMS Queen Elizabeth

Royal Navy commissions fourth Astute-class sub HMS Audacious

The Royal Navy officially welcomed its fourth Astute-class submarine into the fleet with a commissioning ceremony at HM Naval Base Clyde on...
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