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Royal Navy kicks off its largest international maneuver Joint Warrior

The Royal Navy will be leading ships and assets from nine other nations for two weeks of training around the British Isles...

UK amphibious task group heads for Mediterranean operations

A Royal Navy amphibious response force has sailed for the Mediterranean on a European security mission alongside NATO allies and partners.

US, Royal navies sink retired US Navy frigate in North Atlantic

Ships and aircraft from the UK and the US fired a range of missiles at the ex-USS Boone during the Atlantic Thunder SINKEX.

Royal Navy receives new REMUS 100 unmanned underwater vehicles

US-based defense and technologies company HII announced it delivered three REMUS 100 unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) to the United Kingdom’s Royal Navy.

HMS Queen Elizabeth heads to US to front for sidelined sister...

Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth departed Portsmouth on September 7 for a deployment to the US east coast before undertaking...

Royal Navy commissions fifth nuclear-powered attack submarine HMS Anson

The ceremony was attended by the Australian defense minister, who announced that Australian sailors would train in Royal Navy subs as part of the AUKUS agreement.

UK giving minehunting drones to Ukraine for coastline clearance ops

The minehunting drones will contribute to Ukraine's ability to export food from its blockaded ports.

HMS Prince of Wales breaks down a day after starting deployment...

Just a day after getting underway for a high-profile deployment to the United States, the second of the Royal Navy's two aircraft...

HMS Prince of Wales gets underway for deployment to US east...

HMS Prince of Wales will spend the next three months conducting aviation trials as part of the Westlant 2022 deployment.

Royal Navy’s oldest Type 23 first to begin post-life extension refit

UK defense technology company Babcock has begun a post-life extension (LIFEX) procedure on the Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Argyll at...

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