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Royal Air Force boosts Typhoon fleet with $1B investment in new radars

RAF Typhoon illustration by BAE Systems

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded BAE Systems a contract worth approx. $1B to provide new radar technology for the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) Typhoon fighter jet fleet.

The new procurement of RAF aims to strengthen the aircraft’s control of the airspace whilst providing cutting-edge electronic warfare capabilities, as the UK MoD stated in today’s announcement.

BAE Systems and Leonardo UK have been granted a contract to advance the European Common Radar System (ECRS) Mk2 radar, paving the way for technology development, integration efforts, and anticipated initial flight testing in 2024.

BAE Systems takes the helm in the comprehensive design, development, manufacturing, and upgrading of the UK’s Typhoon aircraft, while Leonardo assumes a leading role in equipping the aircraft with sensing and survivability systems, including its radar and defensive aids sub-system.

The companies provided the initial prototype of the ECRS Mk2 radar for RAF Typhoons in April of this year. Following the delivery, they embarked on integration efforts and conducted ground-based testing as part of the preparations for the upcoming flight tests.

This contract aligns with the UK Government’s commitment, announced in July 2022, to invest $3 billion towards further technological advancements in Typhoon capabilities.

“Typhoon is a fantastic aircraft which continues to provide crucial support to defense and security operations around the world, including NATO air policing in Eastern Europe,” said Andrea Thompson, Managing Director at BAE Systems Air Sector

“The continued evolution of Typhoon as a world-class combat air platform ensures the RAF maintains its advantage and protects the vibrant eco-system that supports our sovereign combat air capability in the UK, through sustaining and evolving the technical skills central to the UK’s future combat air strategy,” she added.

The Typhoon is a versatile combat aircraft that supports a wide range of air operations, alongside the F-35B Lightning II, it provides essential frontline capability for the UK.