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RAF VIP Transport Envoy IV

Royal Air Force’s VIP fleet reaches full capability with delivery of...

The Royal Air Force’s newest aircraft type has reached full-service capability with the delivery of a second Envoy IV CC Mk1 jet...
Typhoon with ECRS Mk2 EW AESA radar

Britain earmarks £2.3B for radar, EW upgrades for Typhoon fighters

The UK defense ministry has revealed plans to invest £2.35 billion into radar and anti-jamming technology upgrades for the Royal Air Force's...
RAF E-7 AEW livery

Royal Air Force unveils E-7 livery for first time

The Royal Air Force has revealed the future livery of its new E-7 Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning (AEW) Mk1 aircraft at the...
Tempest and F-X merging

Britain and Japan could merge fighter jet programs, report says

The UK and Japan could join forces on the development of a next-generation fighter jet by merging their existing Tempest and F-X...
RAF Typhoons in Finland and Sweden

UK deploys F-35Bs, Typhoons to Finland, Sweden for joint drills

Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 and F-35B Lightning jets spent the past month in Finland, while Typhoon FGR4 jets flew to Sweden,...
Royal Air Force axes Project Mosquito loyal wingman

UK walks away from Project Mosquito loyal wingman drone development

The Royal Air Force has decided to axe the project to develop a loyal wingman prototype.

UK MoD launches New Medium Helicopter program

The UK defense ministry has officially launched the New Medium Helicopter (NMH) program that will procure of up to 44 helicopters to...

Royal Air Force’s new VIP transport duo to be named ‘Envoy...

The Royal Air Force's two new Dassault 900LX aircraft will be named the ‘Envoy IV’ in a nod both to its crucial...
Handley Page Victor

Behold the last Victor B.1A bomber on display after 5-year restoration

The only remaining former Royal Air Force Handley Page Victor aircraft has been reassembled and displayed at the Imperial War Museum Duxford,...
Draken L-159E Honey Badgers in formation

Royal Air Force contracts Draken for Red Air services after Hawk...

The Royal Air Force has awarded Draken Europe a contract for the delivery of adversary air training services as an interim solution.

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