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Largest US Navy-Marines drill spanning the globe kicks off

LSE maneuver
US Marines offloading a NMESIS missile system for a live-fire test during Large Scale Exercise 2021. Photo: US Marine Corps

More than 10,000 US Navy sailors and Marines across 22 times zones are now participating in Large Scale Exercise (LSE) 2023 as the US Navy and US Marine Corps officially kick off one of the maritime service’s largest exercises.

Beginning August 9, LSE 2023 will integrate six Navy and Marine Corps component commands and seven US numbered Fleets around the globe, merges real-world operations with virtually constructed scenarios to create a realistic training environment that allows sailors and Marines to train the way they fight, regardless of geographic boundaries.

The exercise reflects hypothetical scenarios and is designed to refine how the Navy works as one team on a global scale.

“Our maritime operations have never been more global,” said Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander, US Fleet Forces Command. “We have to maintain the Nation’s ability to project power globally for our country and to command and control that effectively requires us to do exercises like LSE 2023.”

LSE 2023 was designed to reinforce the Chief of Naval Operations’ effort to set the stage for advancing naval doctrine and tactics by globally integrating fleet operations with emerging technologies to refine and validate Distributed Maritime Operations capabilities.

“During LSE we are stressing our forces and learning to enhance our ability to sustain warfighting momentum in a naval campaign,” said Lt. Gen. Brian Cavanaugh, commander, Marine Forces Command. “There’s no greater power on this earth today than the Navy-Marine Corps team that you have.”

Scheduled to run through August 18, LSE 2023 will include live units underway, ranging from aircraft carriers to submarines; shore logistics support units; more than 30 virtual units (i.e., participating pier side or from training facilities, and staff headquarters around the world); and an unlimited array of constructive (computer-generated) units.