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Spanish shipbuilder Navantia lays keel for Spain’s first F111 frigate

Photo: Navantia

Navantia hosted the keel laying ceremony for the F111 frigate, the inaugural vessel in a series of five new-generation frigates for the Spanish Navy, on August 9.

The keel-laying ceremony for the F111 frigate named Bonifaz took place at the Ferrol shipyard in A Coruña. This event saw the placement of block 311 in Tier 2 of the Ferrol facilities, serving as the foundation for the rest of the ship’s construction.

According to Navantia, the anticipated timeline indicates the ship’s launch in 2025, followed by its delivery to the Spanish Navy in 2028. The subsequent vessels are set to follow, with a regular 12-month cadence until 2032, when the Spanish Navy will welcome the fifth and final unit.

The F110 program is currently in an advanced stage of construction, exceeding initial expectations. As of now, 18 out of the 33 blocks constituting the new F111 have entered the manufacturing process. The detailed engineering 3D model is approximately 80% finished, and procurement of platform equipment for all ships in the series stands at 99%.

“The F-110 program is a vital project for the Navy, which will result in the necessary replacement of the “Santa María” class frigates, while complementing the capacity of our F-100 as basic elements for the development of the rest. of the Fleet’s capabilities”, said Admiral Piñeiro. 

The F110 frigate program, ordered in 2019, outlines the construction of five units valued at 4,325 million euros. These ships are designed for various roles, including anti-aircraft, anti-surface, and anti-submarine capabilities, as well as collaborative operations with other units.

The frigates will be fitted with the Thales CAPTAS 4 compact and the BlueMaster sonars, and the BlueScan digital acoustic system for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability.

In addition to ASW sonars, the frigates will receive new solid-state S-band radars delivered by Lockheed Martin.

Spanning 145 meters in length and displacing 6,100 tons, these ships are armed with a 5-inch main gun, Harpoon missiles, torpedo launchers, two 30mm guns, and a 16-cell vertical launch system, while being optimized for operation by a crew of 150.