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Rafael secures Typhoon RCWS contract with undisclosed Asian navy

Photo: Rafael

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. revealed a recent agreement with an unspecified Asian nation, involving the provision of extensive maintenance support services for the naval operational systems in use, August 9.

Just days after revealing a contract with Poland for the procurement of hundreds of Spike LR missiles in collaboration with Polish manufacturer Mesko, Rafael has now announced a fresh agreement with an Asian navy.

Valued at approximately NIS 100 million ($30 million), the multi-year contract encompasses maintenance provisions for the Asian navy’s naval weapon stations, including Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon remotely-controlled naval weapon (RCWS), along with Naval Spike ER and NLOS missile systems, EO surveillance systems, and EW Integrated Decoy Systems (IDS).

Spike ER and NLOS are electro-optically guided multipurpose missiles for ranges of up to 10 and 32 km at sea, respectively, with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The company recently unveiled the 6th generation of Naval Spike NLOS missile, introducing the system that can launch and control Salvos of up to 4 missiles simultaneously, while in the air, from a single launcher by a single operator. 

The IDS is an Integrated Decoy System that employs tactical “confusion, distraction and seduction” measures to create a complete defense suite that includes a controller, launchers, and programmable decoys.

“This agreement is part of Rafael’s strategy to increase activity in the field of maintenance and customer support for its customers in Israel and globally,” said Ran Tavor, Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Naval Warfare Systems directorate.

“Through this latest project, the know-how shared between RAFAEL and its partners will continue to be enriched and will contribute to more optimized and greater capabilities down the road,” he added.

This year, Rafael accomplished a double feat by securing contracts with both the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Philippine Navy. The Philippine Navy’s order included Typhoon Mk30-c and mini-Typhoon RCWS, now freshly integrated into FAIC-M / Shaldag MK5 vessels as integral components of Rafael combat suite.