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Sweden boosts Gripen jet contract with $523M upgrade

Photo: Saab

Saab and the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) have forged an accord pertaining to fresh features and revised delivery timetables for Gripen E and Gripen C/D, September 12.

During the period of 2023-2030, FMV and Saab have collaboratively decided to enhance their current agreement concerning the development and production of Gripen E.

This agreement, as asserted by Swedish Saab, encompasses the integration of new functionalities, involving modifications to the electronic warfare, communication, and reconnaissance systems, alongside adjustments to the delivery timelines for both Gripen E and Gripen C/D.

In addition, FMV and Saab also modified development and delivery schedules. These adjustments will facilitate the ongoing development and utilization of Gripen C/D beyond the year 2030, concurrently with the introduction of the next-generation fighter, Gripen E.

“This agreement further underlines the very close collaboration between Saab, FMV and the Swedish Armed Forces. I am very proud that we are contributing to the operative capability of the Armed Forces by further strengthening the capability of the Gripen system, which is a world-class fighter aircraft,” said Lars Tossman, head of Saab’s business area Aeronautics.

Gripen E is designed with advanced technology, silent networking, and sensor fusion for combat advantage. It possesses a GE F414G engine, ten hardpoints for payload, and features a Mauser BK27 mm gun, along with a new AESA radar, IRST system, and electronic warfare capabilities.