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Hungarian Gripen fighter

Hungary upgrading its Gripen fleet to MS20 Block 2 standard

Hungary's government office for defense procurement and its Swedish counterpart (FMV) have completed the negotiations for the upgrade of Hungarian Air Force...
Canadian Hornet formation

Canada confirms Boeing no longer in the running for its future...

Canada said it is proceeding with Saab and Lockheed Martin to the next stage of its future fighter project
Gripen with 3D-printed external hatch

Saab flies 3D-printed external component on Gripen fighter

The purpose of the trial was to test how additive manufacturing could be used in battlefield damage repair, Saab says.
Brazil Gripen E

Brazil’s first Gripen E fighter arrives home

F-39 (tail number 4100) is scheduled to be formally handed over to the Brazilian government next year.
Gripen is one of the potential future Croatian Air Force fighters

Bidders submit proposals for Croatia’s new fighter aircraft program

Companies from four countries submitted their offers for the Croatian fighter jet procurement program on September 9. The bidders...
Gripen for Finland

Saab unveils new decoy missile for Gripen fighter offer to Finland

Swedish defense contractor Saab has unveiled a new decoy missile that it is offering to Finland as part of its bid for...
Brazilian Air Force Gripen E

First Brazilian Air Force pilot takes to the skies on Gripen...

Brazilian Air Force Major Aviator Cristiano de Oliveira Peres, test pilot at the Brazilian Air Force, recently became the first Brazilian pilot...

Gripen production begins in Brazil

Saab Aeronáutica Montagens (SAM), the first aerostructures plant of Swedish defense technology company Saab outside of Sweden has started building parts for...
Biofuel Gripen fighter jet

Sweden to carry out another biofuel test with a Gripen fighter

The Swedish defense procurement agency FMV has extended a contract with GKN Aerospace Sweden for continued RM12 engine testing with a 50/50...
Gripen D fighter with X-band AESA radar

Saab starts AESA X-band fighter radar trials

The host aircraft during the air trial was a Gripen D fighter aircraft
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