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Argentina receives final offshore patrol vessel from France

French shipbuilder Naval Group has delivered the last of the four offshore patrol vessel (OPV) it built for the Argentine Navy.

France’s Naval Group delivers third offshore patrol vessel to Argentina

Naval Group remains on track to deliver all four ships to the Argentine Navy by April 2022, having launched the final unit in September 2021.

France’s Naval Group launches third OPV for Argentine Navy

Storni is scheduled for delivery to Argentina in October this year, some six months after the second OPV - A.R.A. Piedrabuena - was handed over.

Argentina receives its first brand new OPV from France

While Piedrabuena is the second of four OPVs to be delivered to Argentina by Naval Group, it is actually the first newly-built unit in its class.

Naval Group launches Argentine Navy OPV ARA Piedrabuena

French shipbuilder Naval Group has launched the Argentine Navy's second offsore patrol vessel A.R.A. Piedrabuena at its Concarneau shipyard.

Argentine Navy’s second French-built OPV taking shape

ARA Piedrabuena is expected to be delivered to the Argentine Navy by April 2021.

Argentina welcomes first French-built OPV

Argentina will receive all four ships by 2023.

Argentina receives first offshore patrol vessel ARA Bouchard from France

Former Gowind-class corvette L'Adroit has become the Argentine Navy's first French-built and delivered offshore patrol vessel A.R.A Bouchard after it was handed...

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