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Loyal Wingman Airpower Teaming System first flight

Australia’s Loyal Wingman UAS prototype flies for the first time

The Royal Australian Air Force's Loyal Wingman unmanned aerial system (UAS) that will use artificial intelligence to team with other manned and...
Airpower Teaming System production

Boeing to base ATS AI wingman drone production hub in Australia

The Australian government and US defense giant Boeing have entered into an agreement that will see the company establish an unmanned aircraft...
Royal Australian Air Force Loyal Wingman prototype

Boeing powers up Australia’s Loyal Wingman drone for first time

The Australian government has invested up to AU$40 million in the Loyal Wingman program.
Loyal Wingman UAV

Boeing unveils Australia’s Loyal Wingman prototype

A Boeing-led Australian industry team has presented the first unmanned Loyal Wingman aircraft prototype for the Royal Australian Air Force, thee first...
Australian Air Force loyal wingman prototype

Boeing touts two more milestones on Australia’s Loyal Wingman UAS

Boeing Australia announced on April 9 that it has achieved further milestones on the Royal Australian Air Force’s Loyal Wingman program with...
Australia's ATS drone

Australia’s own loyal wingman to be ready for first flight this...

Boeing Australia has completed major fuselage structural assembly for the Royal Australian Air Force's first Loyal Wingman. The...
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