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In a first, German corvettes strike land targets with RBS15 Mk3...

The German Navy has demonstrated a new use for its RBS15 Mk3 anti-ship missile hitting a land target with it for the...

Germany christens first of five new K130 corvettes

While being the first in the new batch, FGS Köln is the sixth ship in its class.

Germany begins construction of fourth of five new K130 corvettes

Future FGS Augsburg will be joining the first five Braunschweig-class corvettes commissioned between 2008 and 2013.

German Navy wants to buy new K130 corvettes instead of repairing...

The German Navy has proposed an interesting plan to the German federal parliament that would see the service replace its five K130...

German Navy starts V-200 UAV operator training ahead of shipboard tests

The V-200 will be deployed on German Navy K130 corvettes.

Germany lays keel for seventh K130 corvette Emden

The German Navy held a keel laying for its seventh Brauschweig-class (K130) corvette at the Peene-Werft on January 30.

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