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Brazilian Army picks Italy’s Centauro II as its new 8×8 armored...

The Brazilian Army has selected the Italian-built Centauro II 8x8 armored vehicle as the winner of the Viatura Blindada de Combate de...

Brazil finally gets US nod for Javelin missile purchase

Brazil has been cleared over 200 Javelin missile as well as 33 launchers.

Embraer, Brazilian Army unveil new Saber M200 GBAD

The Brazilian Army and defense technology company Embraer have unveiled the newest addition to the Saber family of radars at an event...

Brazilian Army receives first LMV-BR 4×4 from Iveco

Iveco is to deliver the remaining 31 4x4s from its plant in Sete Lagoas (MG) by 2022 as part of the Army modernization process.

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