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Raytheon gets $207M to deliver radars, effectors for US Army’s LIDS

The US Army has awarded Raytheon Missiles & Defense a $207 million contract for the delivery of components for its LIDS counter...

US Army picks Smart Shooter AI-enabled fire control systems for C-UAS...

The US Army has awarded Israel-based fire control systems developer Smart Shooter a contract for the delivery of SMASH 2000L systems.

MBDA Deutschland unveils new Sky Warden counter-UAS missile system

MBDA Deutschland is unveiling the new Sky Warden NNbS weapon system that will provide short and close range against unmanned aerial systems...

Rheinmetall trials C-UAS laser weapon for German Boxer fighting vehicle

The laser testbed trials are aimed at integrating a 10 kW laser into a Boxer fighting vehicle by the end of 2022.

France contracts Thales, CS Group to develop new ‘Parade’ counter-drone system

The modular Parade system will be designed to detect and neutralize micro- and mini-drones.
Epirus Leonidas Pod

Epirus unveils Leonidas Pod for shooting down drones with microwave rays

US defense technology company Epirus has unveiled the Leonidas Pod, a solid-state, multiple shot high-power microwave (HPM) system that employs microwave rays...

GDLS, Epirus join forces to integrate counter-drone laser on Stryker vehicle

General Dynamics Land Systems announced it has entered into a strategic teaming agreement with Epirus to integrate a laser weapon system on...

BAE Systems introduces counter-UAS capability for APKWS rockets

BAE Systems recently introduced a proximity fuze to standard warheads and motors with APKWS guidance kits to enable them to engage and...
THOR counter UAS system

Here’s how US Air Force’s THOR destroys drone swarms, in theory

The US Air Force developed the THOR directed energy weapon system to counter the increasing threat posed by enemy drones and other airborne threats.

DARPA’s “spiderweb” counter-UAS system defeats drones in demo

DARPA's Mobile Force Protection project found a way of defeating drones without explosions by taking out their propellers with strong, stringy streamers.

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