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Black Sage to be integrated with THOR drone killer

US Air Force orders counter-UAS radar for integration with its THOR...

The United States Air Force has purchased a counter-UAS radar system from Black Sage that will provide precise targeting data for the...
Helma-p counter-UAS graphic

France starts counter-UAS laser system testing with CILAS

The French defense ministry's innovation agency (AID) has started a series of trials of the HELMA-P counter-UAS laser system in cooperation with...
Colt C7 with SMASH Smart Shooter c-UAS system

Dutch military wants Smart Shooter for its Colt C7s after successful...

The Netherlands Air Force is planning to equip its Colt C7 5.56mm rifles with SMASH Smart Shooter fire control systems that help...
C-UAS exercise

US Air Force tries battling small UAS during exercise Apollyon

USAF evaluated over 20 c-UAS sensor and negation systems, integrated with the MEDUSA C2 network, during the event.
Epirus c-UAS

Northrop Grumman taps Epirus for counter-UAS capability enhancement

Northrop Grumman is boosting its C-UAS ofering by including Epirus’ EMP systems to defeat UAS swarms.
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