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MBDA Deutschland unveils new Sky Warden counter-UAS missile system

Sky Warden c-UAS weapon system on Enok vehicle
Photo: MBDA Deutschland

MBDA Deutschland is unveiling the new Sky Warden NNbS weapon system that will provide short and close range against unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

The system will be presented at the International Aerospace Exhibition this month.

As revealed by the company, Sky Warden NNbS relies on different effector solutions, including a high-energy laser effector and SADM (small anti drone missile) and Mistral guided missiles.

The laser weapon system for short and close range protection, which uses technologies, components and knowledge from the laser system for the German Navy, will also be available to land and air forces in the future.

The guided missile SADM is intended to combat small drones and uses the technology basis of the Enforcer guided missile, which is currently being introduced.

As a third effector solution for the close range, MBDA relies on the Mistral guided missile, which is suitable for highly mobile use. All of the weapons employed can be integrated with mobile tactical platforms on the move, such as the ENOK armored vehicle.

“The war in Ukraine shows how important close and immediate area protection is for Germany and what threats we have to reckon with. Protection against threats from the air is decisive for the success of the mission and the protection of the soldiers in action. With Sky Warden NNbS, we are offering the German Armed Forces an effective weapon system to defend against unmanned aerial systems,” Guido Brendler, head of sales and business development at MBDA Deutschland.

New Akeron tactical combat missile

MBDA, a joint venture between Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo also presented Akeron, a new family of fifth-generation tactical combat missiles, which includes the MMP and MHT missiles. They will now be known as Akeron MP and Akeron LP respectively.

Photo: MBDA

With Akeron, MBDA is offering a family of missiles that can adapt to the needs of collaborative tactical combat.

Today’s combat units operate in a variety of complex environments. These can be urban areas, open countryside, deserts or mountains, during the day or at night; and can also feature a combination and/or variety of forces, both allied and adversary. To respond to the wide range of threats they face, operators must be equipped with a versatile and precise capability enabling them to destroy fixed or mobile land targets – including the latest-generation tanks and light combat vehicles – but also neutralize dismounted adversaries or adversaries in hardened or defensive fighting positions. All whilst minimizing the risk of collateral damage. Operators also need to be protected during engagements with simplicity of implementation, the capacity to “fire and forget” or engage a target while remaining hidden from sight.

Designed for these operational realities, the new family of missiles incorporates high-resolution multi-band imagers, multi-effect warheads (anti-tank, anti-infrastructure, anti-personnel), data links, and multi-mode guidance algorithms based on AI techniques.