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British Army trialing Israeli Trophy missile protection system for Challenger 3...

The UK Royal Army has granted a £20 million (approx. $26 million USD) contract, securing the hardware for the next phase of...

UK, Germany team up on new armor-piercing ammunition for Challenger 3...

Germany and the UK signed a statement of intent to collaborate on developing advanced armor-piercing tank ammunition for the Challenger 3 main...

British Army’s Challenger 3 tank enters production

A steel-cutting ceremony to commemorate the start of fabrication of turret structures has marked the start of construction work on the British...

British Army begins work on Challenger MBT upgrade

The work completed under the Heavy Armour Automotive Improvement Programme will lay the foundation for the Challenger 3 upgrade.

UK places £800M contract for Challenger 3 main battle tank upgrade

The Challenger 3 standard will introduce a new active protection system, new turrets and modular armor, and a range of other upgrades.

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